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Welcome to Prams & Buggies

Choosing the right pram, buggy or pushchair is all about how it fits in the way you live your life...and not just how you live your life today, but how you are going to live your life for the next 3-4 years.

You will be using your pram practically every day, so deciding on the right one and getting it at the best price is crucial

You can save hundreds of pounds on your prams by shopping online, and we have brought together all the best deals at so that you get the best deals on the best products

Before buying it is worthwhile answering the following questions that will ensure you go some way to making the right choice

How do you intend on travelling?

If you travel by public transport, be it bus, train or tube you really should be thinking of prams, pushchairs and buggies that are light, compact and can easily fold up. You will need maximum flexibility, so buggies and strollers are ideal.

Don't forget though that in the first six months your baby will need to lie flat , so make sure that you have a full recline model

If you intend to do the bulk of your travelling by car, the obvious starting point is to understand the dimensions of your pram or pushchair, and also the size of your vehicles boot. You will also need a car seat, so start thinking about multi function prams that can combine the car seat with the pushchair. 3 in 1 systems and travel systems are ideal solutions.

If you will be walking a lot, think about prams and pushchairs that will be sturdy. Depending on where you walk, it’s worthwhile thinking about what you will need. If you intend to spend most of your time on busy high streets or roads with plenty of curbs, getting a pram or pushchair with swivel wheels will suit you best. If you think you will be up for some off road adventures with your baby, fixed wheel options will make traversing over rough terrain easy. Many pushchairs and prams do offer both options, so it sometimes looking for these to give you added versatility.

Uneven surfaces can lead to an unsettling ride for baby, so always look for pneumatic air tyres, and prams or pushchairs with adjustable suspension systems. We highly recommend having shock absorbers on these systems as well.

What's your home like

If you have stairs or steps at home, lightweight and collapsible prams will be ideal. The situation of you having your baby in one hand, pushchair in another, bag over shoulder etc is very real, so having an option which will make your life easier should be considered.

The storage space available in your house is an important consideration. If you live in a compact flat, a folding pram or pushchair that you can stand or rest in the corner will be more space efficient than the bigger and sturdier 3-in-1 prams.

If you have plenty of space, travel system prams that include carrycots can be a great choice. Not having to disturb your baby when returning home is great, and can make yours and baby's life easier.

How old your baby is

If you are looking at a pram for a newborn , it is crucial that they are able to lie flat. Make sure any pram, buggy or pushchair you choose has a facility so that your baby can lie-back. Alternatively choose a pram or pushchair that is a combination with a carrycot.

With anyone new to parenthood, you will not want to take your eyes off your baby. Many prams and pushchairs now offer fully reversible seats so that your baby can either face you or the wider world!

Wanting more babies?

It might not be your biggest priority at the moment thinking about having more children, but it’s worthwhile thinking about how your family is going to develop and investing in a good quality pram or pushchair now can offer you long term benefits and cost savings.

What do I get?

Added extras and accessories can sometimes tip the balance on any purchase, and with prams it is no different. An easy to use folding mechanism is a must, as is adjustable handle heights, whilst shopping baskets can make life a lot easier.

Detachable seat pads, footrests, sun parasols, foot muffs can all make your baby's stay in the pushchair comfy all year round so are worth while noting.

Shopping Online for Prams, Pushchairs and Buggies can save you hundreds of pounds, so check back for the latest deals we have arranged with the leading pram retailers

Whatever you choose, the critical elements are that the pram or pushchair you choose is sturdy, comfortable, waterproof and well insulated. An unhappy baby is not what anyone wants!